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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

Simply register and select the charity you wish to support. Whenever you shop, log on to and in less than 30 seconds, you will be shopping and on your way to helping others. It's all Automatic! You do not need to enter any codes, notify us or the store. Please enter through prior to visiting the retailer to insure credit for your cause.

You just shop as you normally would and every purchase you make will in part go to your charity. You can also encourage family and friends to participate as well, just send them the link or post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Causes always receive 100% of the donation amount which is advertised on our web site.

How much of my purchase price goes to my charity?

Next to each retailer is the percentage that will be donated as a result of your purchases. It is fully transparent. Causes always receive 100% of the donation amount shown on our website. Each retailer sets the amount given back. The important thing to remember is that every purchase, both big and small goes to help your cause.

*Although infrequent, Retailers reserve the right to reduce commissions on clearance and close out items.

Can I use coupons for stores that I have received outside

You can make purchases through our website using coupons, but in most instances your charity will not be credited for these purchases because will not be recorded as the channel that generated the purchase.

What happens if I don't have a specific charity but want to give in general?

There are two ways you can do this. You can select a charity from our list or you may suggest a cause that you are involved in to be a partner with by emailing us at

Am I able to support more than one cause?

Yes! You have the ability to choose two charities to support on a single account. You can also edit your profile if you wish to change the cause you wish to donate to. You may also set up a second account top shop through with alternate causes

What happens to my donation if I return an item I purchased?

Depending upon the timing of your purchase and the return, the donation would either be deducted from the original donation for the current  month or be debited the following month.

Note for retailers that have "Special Rates" assigned, as shown below their respective logos:

Special rate indicates that a particular retailer has more than one form of commision, including a combination of a flat dollar rate and a percentage of sale.

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